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Levi Drive Test Boat missing

Levi Drive Test Boat missing

Postby Rudolf Scholz » Mon May 16, 2016 4:48 pm

5 Testboat Anri.jpg
Test boat in 2012, name "Anri"
Since January 2015 is our test boat missing. The boat was stored in Mr. Lau's place in Port Klang, Malaysia. The boats name was "Kristina" and was re-named in spring 2012 to "Anri" .

The boat has an overall length of 25 feet and a width of 7 feet,

producer: Ameng Penang
form: shallow V
colour : white
engine: Izusu 4JB1
drive: Levi Drive "Fisherman" LD 170-150
material: normal steel, galvanized.

We have made a police report in Port Dickson without result.
We are looking for the position of this boat. If somebody has seen it, please inform Rudolf Scholz e- mail rudi@levidrives.com.
1 Levi_Drive_LD170-150_with_marinised_Isuzu_Engine_27_7_knots.jpg
Test boat in 2006, Penang ,colour blue
Kristina 11.10.2011.JPG
Test boat in 2011 name "Kristina"
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