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Conversion from Levi Drive Unit (LDU) to Levi Drive

PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:41 am
by Rudolf Scholz
Some of the Levi Drive Units (LDU) are sold over 30 year ago and still going strong, but the seals, made from rubber, getting hard and brittle, Since 2000 "Levi Drives" does not produce the seal kits for the Levi Drive Units (LDU) any longer.
For these owner Levi Drives offers a conversion kit existing out of.

1)Stainless Steel 316 Hydraulic Cylinder
2) Attachment to the Rudder
3) Attachment to the Drive Box

Levi Drive Old Version.JPG
Levi Drive Unit

3 Hydraulic Rudder Cylinder with attachment

Hydraulic Rudder Cylinder with attachments installed

Converted LDU to Levi Drive